What is the mission?


Test Mission Statement: To collectively express and exhibit to the international cyberspace, the power of visual, verbal, and written theatrical production, and it’s relevance to spontaneous and formulaic creativity, by way of non-conventional social media. We intend to create real opportunities for anyone interested in art, music, film, or any other creative medium. We believe creativity is a universal trait, and that within most actions or activities, creativity is present.

I personally feel like anything can be creative. Creativity is in everything we do. When you are walking, nobody else will walk exactly like you. They can try to emulate it, but will never get the idiosyncrasies right. That makes it a creation true to you.

Today, we worked on creating our mission statement. The current status of that is in testing with multiple other people, seeing their opinions and such. We also worked on connecting our thoughts on creativity. Spencer thinks that art is all about being immerse within. You cannot experience art from secondarily viewing it, you must allow yourself to be involved. Brandon said that his thoughts on art were through audible means. Music is translated into words for him. Lenee said she sees art through words, reading and writing is her means of expression. Alex said he liked the idea that movement was art, be it dance or fight scenes.

I think this was the hardest part towards the path of finding out our mission. It’s hard to describe art and creativity, because we are told to expect certain things when that question is posed. What is Art? What is Creativity? Can we define it, since it cannot be measured by science? That’s a question that we all must look into.